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New outfit yay! Almost everything here was thrifted. Also, the sweater is actually more like maroon, it’s weirdly brighter in this picture.

Shoes: $1 from a garage sale
Jeans: $15 from a clothing exchange
Shirt: $5 from GoodWill
Sweater: from a clothing exchange, no exact price
Necklace: $15 from Etsy
Bag: $3 from a garage sale


Thanks to Lisa for taking the pictures! ahugebeatlesfan

Fall Fashion Week 2013-RTW: Alberta Ferretti

Loving the velvet!

Fall Fashion Week 2013-Couture: Armani Privé

What can I say. The whole show was gorgeous. Absolutely dreamy. Color palette was delicious.

Now to see if there’s any way possible I can afford these beauties.

Fall Fashion Week 2013-Couture: Versace

Some of my favorites from the Versace Couture show.

I also loved the cropped evening separates. The last dress here reminds me of the night sky and I’d love to wear it under the stars. Just gorgeous all of them!

Fall Fashion Week 2013-Couture: Valentino

More late pictures, but I love these dresses! Loved the styling in this show as well.

Fall Fashion Week 2013-Couture: Giambattista Valli

I’ve been really busy so these are very late but I love these looks so I’m posting them. Just beautiful.

From my main blog.

Finally got to wear my velvet dress!

Dress: $3 from Goodwill
Tights: $4 from Payless
Shoes: $4 from Goodwill
Jacket: $10 from Plato’s (a second-hand store)
Scarf: $10 from JC Penney’s
Earrings: $5 One World Goods
Bracelet: Grandmother’s.

All I need is a braid and a bow and arrows. I even have a leather bag!

TOTAL COST of this outfit: $32
(excluding the backpack, which costs as much the whole outfit!)

Leather booties: $8 at Far Out Vintage
Thermal leggings: $10 at TJ Maxx
Dress: $4 at Goodwill (originally had sleeves and I removed them)
Necklace: $8 at Goodwill
"Pearl" studs: $2 at Icings
Leather backpack: $30 at a garage sale

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I like green a lot. Also fairies.

Shorts: $4 from Goodwill (originally pants but I cut/hemmed them)
Sweater: $12 from Chandeliers
Shoes: $8 from Far Out Vintage.
Bracelet: $6 from France (approximate conversion from euros)
Earrings: $1 from France (originally charms; my friend turned them into earrings)

Stuff in my outfit is from…

Far Out Vintage Facebook:
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Chandelier’s Facebook:

Earrings made by friend; her Etsy: